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Food Recommendations

Pasta & Pizza


★ La Montecarlo ★

The best of the best, without taking out too much money!
Resturant's Website

Example Menu:
Dish Price
Gnocchi 5€
Pizza 7€
Calzone 10€

Other Recommendations

  1. Grazia & Graziella
  2. Rossopomodoro
  3. Pizzeria Da Baffetto



★ Giovani Fassi ★

This Ice-cream factory exists since 1880 and has the best Gelato in the City!
Other well known Italian desserts such as Tiramisu and Pannecotta are served as well.
You can book a tour to the factory in the following Website

Example Menu:
Size Price
S 1.2€
M 2€
L 3€

Other Recommendations

  1. Gelateria dei Gracchi
  2. GROM
  3. Fatamorgana
  4. Günther